Biweekly Wrap-up: I <3 the Olympics

by Emily McFarlan Miller

I don’t love sports.

I guess I should say I don’t love games: football, basketball, baseball, this even extends to chess and Connect Four and any other board games or yard games. Because I do really love the Olympics (except for the soccer, basketball, volleyball and tennis parts).

Maybe the difference is the Olympics come with feature stories about each athlete’s journey to the games, and I’m a sucker for a good story. Or because the Parade of Nations brings to mind apocalyptic visions of a new creation, of people of every tribe, tongue and nation jubilantly gathering together (without trying to kill each other), as Rachel Held Evans noted. Or because these are games that push athletes to do their personal best or to push their bodies to their most magnificent  limit — or are just cool, like curling or archery, which is the new curling, or haven’t you heard?

I wrote about both games, and my abiding love for the Olympics, in a column this week for The Courier-News (“Trying out archery to get to the point of the Olympics“), the climax of what my friend Crysta has called “The Emily McFarlan Best Summer Ever Tour.” Alas, the first of the two school districts I cover starts class in just over a week!

Stay tuned for more Olympics coverage next weekend. I wrote about Algonquin native Rockne Brubaker for The Courier-News when he just missed out on competing in the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Another Algonquin native, Evan Jager, just qualified today to race for the gold Sunday in the steeplechase at the Summer Games in London. Meantime, here are all the other articles I wrote the past two weeks, when I wasn’t on a crossbow-shooting high:

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Photo credit: Sun-Times Media.