10 Summer Date Ideas (RELEVANT)

by Emily McFarlan Miller

If you popped over from RELEVANT, welcome! I always have wanted to write for RELEVANT, ever since my church in college was featured in the magazine and passed out copies after the evening service. I discovered the music of Eisley and Sufjan Stevens in its pages, and more recently have been challenged (and relieved) by articles on its website, like “Who Submits To Whom?” and “Beauty vs. Sexuality” and my favorite author Lauren Winner’s reflection on “Why I Am (Still) A Christian.”

And while “date ideas” isn’t really my sphere of expertise (hence the “list of 10 magical, memorable and maniacal summer date ideas,” according to @RELEVANT), I jumped at the opportunity when Stephanie Smith contacted me and suggested the topic.

Special thanks to my husband, who I think has taken me on every one of these dates, except maybe mini golf and trivia night. And if you have any ideas for future articles you would like to read on RELEVANT, let me know.

“That sounds awesome.”

Recently at a summer bonfire, I overhead the tail end of a conversation between my husband and his friends as Joel evidently described our first date. Joining them mid-conversation, I wasn’t sure what part of the date it was that sounded so awesome.

My first guess, because this was a group of guys, was the part where Joel and I had carved a Jack-O-Lantern, jabbed a bunch of sparklers into its mouth and ended our first date holding hands and watching it burn on my back porch. But no, he hadn’t made it to that part of the story yet.

This left the parts of our first date where we browsed records at an antique store for a friend’s birthday, wandered around some random neighborhood looking for a bookstore Joel had been to once (I love nothing so much as a bookstore), caught a movie at an independent theater and ate Korean barbecue.

All of this sounded awesome, the guys said, because our first date sounded like one big adventure. And it was.

So for the adventurous among you, here are a 10 summer date ideas for you to try.

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Photo credit: My first article on the RELEVANT website!