by Emily McFarlan Miller

So yesterday was not the greatest day ever, as you may already have read. But then, this was the last thing that crossed my Facebook feed before I fell asleep last night. And it kind of is the greatest thing ever.

No matter how bad your day is, Jesus is never more than an ask, seek and a knock away.


I made my brother a little painting for his apartment door  a while back with his number on it.
One of his friends saw it and wanted something for their door too,
And since she likes “Jesus and the saints decor”, I thought this picture and statement was QUITE appropriate,
Especially for an apartment door sign.
I hope she likes it!

Did I mention I’m loving my new drawing tablet?
Yes I did.

Oh, and Spotify?
Thank you for showing me Melody Gardot tonight.
“If The Stars Were Mine”:

-peace and love-


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