#McMillion Wedding: Flowers

by Emily McFarlan Miller

Joel and I have been married a year this month. It doesn’t feel like its been that long. At the same time, I can’t believe we’ve condensed everything that’s happened since into 365 days — not even! Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about all those things, all those other things we’ve learned and the party that started it all. And while the marriage part is the most important (and I have the privilege of sharing some of that now on Start Marriage Right), I thought I would share a little bit of the wedding part here this month.

Enjoy the wedding. Love the marriage.

Jenny Baermann of Petal caught the vision and ran with it. And that vision was: Balls.

That meant yellow carnation flower balls hanging in the entrance at our church and from the first two pews, reserved for family. That meant pomanders of yellow daisies and mums for two of my bridesmaids, and “billy ball” boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. (Since the bridesmaids all wore their own mismatched, yellow dresses, we also mismatched their bouquets, each with a different flower from mine: The others carried  a small, classic bouquet of garden roses and a presentation-style bouquet of yellow snapdragons.)

My bouquet also had daisies and mums and billy balls and garden roses and snapdragons in yellows and whites, all tied together with twine and yellow pom-pom ball ribbon I’d brought to Jenny and said, “What can you do with this?” Magic, apparently. Snapdragons long have been my favorite flower; my Polish great-grandmother used to grow them in her suburban Chicago backyard. We’d make them talk. I wasn’t really one of those little girls who dreamed of growing up and getting married, but if ever I did, the one thing I had planned was I would carry snapdragons. My mom had carried daisies at her wedding. And billy balls and succulents are my two new favorites. Probably because they are the only two plants I can keep alive in my home (and, to be fair, billy balls look as good dried as they do alive).

We stuck to the same flowers in mismatched centerpieces at the reception in Mason jars, grouped with books and saints candles and succulents in tiny-size jars.

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Flowers: Petal, Chicago.

Photo credit: All wedding photos by the incomparable Shauna Bittle. Squiggles divider by IROCKSOWHAT.