#McMillion Wedding: THE DRESS

by Emily McFarlan Miller

Joel and I will be married a year this month. It doesn’t feel like its been that long. At the same time, I can’t believe we’ve condensed everything that’s happened since into 365 days! Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about all those things, all those other things we’ve learned and the party that started it all. And while the marriage part is the most important (and I have the privilege of sharing some of that now on Start Marriage Right), I thought I would share a little bit of the wedding part here this month.

Enjoy the wedding. Love the marriage.

There weren’t any tears when I tried on The Dress.

Actually, I think my bridesmaids got misty over the dress I tried on after The Dress. We were shopping at a Rivini trunk show at Ultimate Bride in Chicago, and the two dresses were nearly identical. The difference was the one that evoked tears had a trumpet skirt, which was a little too elegant and formal for my tastes, especially when I had big s’mores-making plans for my wedding day. They could loosen it around the hips a little, make the flare a little more gradual, the saleswoman suggested.

Well, then, wouldn’t that pretty much be the dress I just tried on, I asked?

I tried that one on again. Oh, yeah, everybody agreed. Just get that.

It had 119 buttons; 27, functional. But they came together pretty quick. The only real dress mishap was at my second fitting, when I took a straight pin to a vein in my ankle and spurted gory, horror movie amounts of blood all over The Dress. You’d never know it, though. The alterations team at Ultimate Bride are champs. And my bridesmaid Kristin, who had come with me, and I got cupcakes at Sprinkles afterward, which make everything better.

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Dress: Rivini.
Bridal salon: Ultimate Bride, Chicago.
First aid: Sprinkles

Photo credit: All wedding photos by the incomparable Shauna Bittle. Squiggles divider by IROCKSOWHAT.