#McMillion Wedding: Newspaper-inspired wedding invitations and programs

by Emily McFarlan Miller

Joel and I will be married a year this month. It doesn’t feel like its been that long. At the same time, I can’t believe we’ve condensed everything that’s happened since into 365 days — not even! Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about all those things, all those other things we’ve learned and the party that started it all. And while the marriage part is the most important (and I have the privilege of sharing some of that now on Start Marriage Right), I thought I would share a little bit of the wedding part here this month.

Enjoy the wedding. Love the marriage.

16 Sparrows had me at “velociraptor.”

Joel and I first saw the greeting card designers at the Renegade Craft Fair Chicago, where their thank-you cards caught my eye. One featured a velociraptor and the words, “That was very clever of you.”

“Ha! Clever girl!” I said.

One of the two designers, Kathy or Donovan, said, “Yes! That’s what it is!” That is, a reference to the line in “Jurassic Park,” when an unseen velociraptor emerges from the foliage while gameskeeper Robert Muldoon is hunting another: “Clever girl.”

If and when I get married, I thought, I will have 16 Sparrows design the wedding invitations. (I later sent the velociraptor cards to thank guests who came to my bridal shower.)

The idea for newspaper-inspired wedding invitations went back much further, years and years back, when I clipped and saved and subsequently lost pictures from a wedding magazine of an invitation suite designed for a couple, or one of a couple, who had met, or had worked, at the Washington Post, or another newspaper. Fuzzy memories. So I asked Kathy at 16 Sparrows to come up with something black and white and read all over (in curry-colored envelopes since our wedding colors were yellows), and she outdid herself.

She also graciously let me know what fonts she had used, so we could keep them consistent across all the printed materials at our wedding, from programs to menus to half-sheets of directions from the ceremony to reception sites. As a newspaper person myself, that kind of consistency, my own made-up wedding AP Style, was overly important to me.

My friend Julia designed the matching programs on oversized paper, and Joel and I spent long evenings rolling them and tying them with ribbon and twine while watching movies.

Invitations: 16 Sparrows, Chicago.
Programs: Julia Doyle, friend of the bride.

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Photo credit: All wedding photos by the incomparable Shauna Bittle. Squiggles divider by IROCKSOWHAT.