Do I have a soul mate? (Start Marriage Right)

by Emily McFarlan Miller

If you popped over from Start Marriage Right, welcome! You might be interested in this post, about how and why I got involved with Start Marriage Right. You also might be interested in this little party my husband Joel and I threw. You already read about it a little bit. And I’m pretty proud of it.

Everybody else, this is it! My first post for Start Marriage Right!

I’d forgotten how very different writing about yourself, about your thoughts and opinions and beliefs, about something you have less than a year’s experience with is from journalism. But I’m really looking forward to it. And I’m open to any ideas you may have for future posts.

“You have great taste in scotch and you have great taste in women.”

That line, directed at my groom, probably was the best of my dad’s father of the bride speech.

That speech this past spring also included a dig at how long Joel and I were friends before dating (more than a year). And a dig at how long we dated before getting engaged (about two years). And it ended:

“It would be a real cliché to stand here and tell you guys that you’re perfect for each other, but you really, really are. I just can’t be, you know, more truthful when I say that. You are perfect for each other. It would be a cliché to say you’re soul mates. But you are. You really are soul mates, and I could tell that watching you guys grow together in the past couple years. I just truly cannot imagine a better life for Emily than the life she has found with Joel.”

That’s notable because my family doesn’t often throw around sentimental words like “soul mate.”

And because—while I hate to shatter anyone’s really flattering illusions about my marriage or to find fault with a really great speech—I don’t think that’s true. The part about us being soul mates, that is.

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