Larkin shares the dream (Sun-Times Media)

by Emily McFarlan Miller

ELGIN — School District U46 Superintendent Jose Torres had a dream, he said, and Martin Luther King Jr. was in it.

“In my dream, Dr. King said, ‘Tell them about me,’ ” Torres said.

So he did Wednesday at “Moving Forward with Dr. King’s Dream,” a culmination of Black History Month activities at Larkin High School.

He told Larkin students that King had graduated from high school at 15 and college at 19. He completed his PhD. at Boston University when he was 26, he said.

He told them the phrase “I have a dream” was not originally in King’s famous speech, now known by that name. That speech originally was titled “Normalcy — Never Again.”

He challenged them to go on to college, too, and to defy what society thinks of as normal for teenagers.

And he challenged them, “Let’s continue to move forward with Dr. King’s dream: Normalcy — never again.”

This is the first time the high school has hosted the event — an idea that started with head wrestling coach Andre Allen, then “kept growing and took on a life of its own” as students and community members got involved, according to Larkin Assistant Principal Randal Ellison.

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Photo credit: Andrew Nelles for Sun-Times Media.